Welcome to Stockport Deanery - the Church of England in Stockport.

The Church of England is flourishing in Stockport, and the churches in the Deanery offer a wide variety of services, activities and events to suit all ages and worship styles. We seek to encourage one another as we live as Jesus' disciples in the world.

The churches across the Deanery are transforming our communities by running and supporting foodbanks, credit unions, youth clubs, children's groups, parent support groups, drop-in cafes, and signposting services, as well as providing pastoral care for the sick, having a hand in education and schools, celebrating weddings, baptisms and funerals, all whilst provding places of spiritual encounter and peace - not to mention enabling and encouraging excellence in music, drama and the arts.

Below you can find links to all 9 parish churches in the Stockport area, as well as local missional communities.




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